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I has one.

I decided against going across town (downhill) to go to the Tour de Fat because coming back to [ profile] fjorlief's house (uphill) in 102 degree weather was less than appealing. I tooled around on the North end of Portland instead, went to visit my ex-housemate at work. He works at The Community Cycling Center at least until October. While there, I purchased a cupholder and really keen bell for my bike (pictures later, I'm way too thrilled about both items,) and a taillight for [ profile] fjorlief so nobody flattens her when it's dark out.

It was a lovely bike ride despite the heat, and a man I rode past boosted my ego with a "Hey baby! How's it goin!" and a whistle. (Sweeeeet). I grinned and gave him a thumbs up, cause it was goin' thumbs up.

Stopped by New Seasons on the way back to Acorn Cottage. There was a melon tasting and some lovely agua fresca samples, which I helped myself to. Got some lunch and some peach lambic for later, as well as some Fizzy Lizzy soda, which is delightful on a hot day. It also bears the motto "Shake my hips gently before placing to your lips" which makes me really happy.

Spent most of the afternoon either working on my autobiographical cartoon (first assignment for the Master's program is an autobiographical art piece,) or sucked into one of the library books that was in the kitchen.

Soon, as soon as Forrest the ex-housemate gets here, we shall go have sushi which will be much better than cake.


Aug. 15th, 2008 06:02 pm
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I got in Portland this afternoon, and, armed with maps and a general idea of where I wanted to go, I hopped on my bike and went across the river from the train station and headed toward [ profile] fjorlief's house. Well, predictably, I got turned around somehow and ended up taking the "scenic" route through an industrial district. Yup, and hills. There are hills here in Portland, and I found myself a nice long one, happily not too steep, that one of my Google maps actually had marked. I made it all right, but holy hell is it ever hot today.

I got to Acorn Cottage and was invited in to douse myself in cold water. I've been hiding from the weather ever since. I might go visit Forrest later. That is, if I decide leaving inside is at all worthwhile or advisable. I'm also seriously rethinking the merits of riding all that way across town again to go hang out at a park with minimal shade available. Hmm. We'll see how stalwart and brave I am feeling in the face of the heat tomorrow.


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