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(Snagged from [ profile] memegarden's page) I think this reads like James Joyce and Edward Gorey were having a drunken argument with each other and all of their alter egos.

Grab the nearest book. Find the 5th sentence on page 23. Append it to the paragraph below. Append your name to the list below of people who have contributed to the paragraph. Post the result to your LJ.

They also talk of our being guilty of injustice, and their being the victims of an unjustifiable war. Brandy, and Tom got increasingly close-mouthed and sour. Although a certain sense of tripartite society survived down to Christian times, the three classes described in the Eddic poem "Rigdthula" bear little resemblance to Dumezil's three. It is often argued, and still oftener thought, that none but bad men would desire to weaken these salutary beliefs; and there can be nothing wrong, it is thought, in restraining bad men, and prohibiting what only such men would wish to practice. At its nearest point the wall was little more than one league from the City, and that was south-eastward. When he saw Jack Hare jump towards the fire, and the Practical Man brandishing the toasting-fork, Sir Isaac grabbed the strings of gravitational force that bound Jack to his destiny and PULLED--- That's a seventy-four gun privateer, besides. To honour a group of British nobles, treacherously slain at a conference by Hengist's guards, Aurelius decides to erect a great monument near Amesbury. That being so, he did not chortle when he went upstairs. Let stand. This ensures that when the garbage collector runs, it has complete access to the memory in the heap and can perform its tasks safely without the threat of being preempted by another thread. And then you may begin to laugh. The data are stored in Column 1 and renamed "Age." Pull your hand back. I don't remember that any secrets were revealed to me, nor do I remember any avid curiosity on my part to learn something I wasn't supposed to--perhaps I was too young to know what to listen for. You don't remember how awful it is being normal. Highlight the desired state tax table and press Enter. Abraham had now reached a ripe old age, and the LORD had blessed him in every way. This doesn't alter either string, any more than 2+3 alters either 2 or 3. And I will say firmly that it is the author who says, "One does feel," who is really an egoist; and the author who says, "I believe," who is not an egoist. The police have agreed to let us show this video. She was particularly fond of Union Maj. Joseph Willard, some years her senior, who courted her amid the competitive field of Blue and Gray. And he rose up that night, and took his two wives, and his two womanservants, and his eleven sons, and passed over the ford Jabbok. Nonetheless I am surprised to see the amount my week's worth of toil has actually brought me. "How Noble," the Reverend Mother sneered. For example, almond is neutral and sweet, so it only acts on the lungs; wheat bran is cool and sweet, so it only acts on the stomach; kelp is cold and salty, so it only acts on the stomach. The Abilities entry tells you which abilities aremost important for a character of that class. Let's look at the structure of an atom of the element helium (He), the "lighter-than-air" gas used to make party balloons rise (Figure 2.5).Top with pecans, orange peel and, if desired, additional nutmeg. The same class of workmanship applied in the wrong instance, e.g. when making a boring head, a milling spindle, or some similar piece of high class toolmaking, will produce something compleatly useless. Later, when I was much older, I realized that it was no accident that my mother left us in November. For example, in the introduction we described the custom of the Dinka and Nuer tribes of the Sudan, who extract several of the permanent front teeth of their children -- a painful procedure, done with a fish hook.

1) Ranger Rick 2) Rialian 3) Elenbarathi 4) Starsandfishes 5) Echthros 6) Doltaghey 7) Ebonhost 8) Tibicina 9) Browngirl 10) ceo 11) roozle 12) quietann 13) Dale (achinhibitor) 14) tigerbright 15) autographedcat 16) kitanzi xvii) annonyno חי)thnidu 19) smallship1 20) vashti 21) xydexx 22) Leonard_Arlotte 23) margaras 24) Makyo 25) Vlad 26) Wendy 27) Pazi 28)Spinningfire 29)Clemtaur 30) memegarden 31) ariadne3
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Well, Cathy and I went up to SeaTac (a horrible collision of names,) and retrieved the nephew, whom we will have on loan for about a month before having to return him to his rightful parent. He glommed onto me as soon as he got off of the walkway, and I carried him for a ways through the airport. His mom is right, he hasn't really grown that much since last year. Hopefully the combination of him no longer having to be on the EVIL mood and appetite suppressing meds and us having the kind of food he likes to eat will result in a growth spurt and some weight gain before we send him on home. Poor guy is picky; there are a few foods he really doesn't like at all, like tomatoes (I don't get that one, apparently it's a texture thing,) and the rest of it, he doesn't like poor quality food. At home, he won't eat the eggs; they're the insipid, flat kind that come from the store. Here, he practically won't eat anything without eggs, in fact I fed him tamago rolls for supper and he was ecstatic. I quote, "at Missouri they don't know how to do these right, they put bread on the outside!!!" Bread on tamago? That's weird. I've seen it as described in the link above, and the way I make it, which is to roll it around a sheet of nori so that it makes a spiral when cut.He felt so strongly about it that he was practically in tears about the wrongness of it all. I think that was also due to relief that I was doing it right, and that he was at that point working on minimal sleep and jetlag.

You see, he was super excited to be coming, apparently he woke his mom at 6:00 am (Central time) by bouncing on her bed and crowing "I get to go to Uncle Bill's todayyyyyyy!!!" His plane arrived at 9:00 pm Pacific time and he was still super amped. He crashed out pretty hard in the car on the way home (gladly, we did not crash, despite the best efforts of drivers who suddenly braked to a halt in front of us, and the one who almost side-swiped the car in front of us, as well...)but when I woke him up to come inside he regained the level of energy that only an exhausted, excited kid can attain. Once fed the aforementioned tamago and a couple of slices of melon, he chilled out with the cat for a while and finally consented to be tucked in. I expect that he'll sleep in, but not as much as I want him to!

I'm pretty excited that he's here, too. I love children, and a chance to have one, especially one like Andrew, around the house for extended periods of time makes me really happy.

Damnity damn. Just spilled the last sip of marionberry ale on my shirt. That usually only happens with water or tea, I must be pretty tired, too.

Anyhow, this looked like fun, so I did the book list.

(Lifted from [personal profile] young_raven )

Bold those you have read.
Italicize those you intend to read.
Underline the books you LOVE.
Strike out the books you have no intention of ever reading, or were forced to read at school and hated.

Booklies! )


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