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WARNING. Do not eat or drink anything while viewing if you value the computer parts in front of you.

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So, these are really dark, but I brought the first hatched from the incubator in, to make friends with the heater, really, but then I remembered I have a webcam now. :D

Again, hard to tell from this picture, but this little peeper is light enough in color that it's probably a teeny, tiny rooster. Dominiques (or Dominicks, depending on who is asked,) are distinguishable by color even as chicks. The hens are charcoaly and the roosters much lighter, both are speckled black and white. They're what Barred Rock chickens were bred up from.

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The big rooster (commonly known as "Mr. Rooster") has bit the big one. This guy survived freezing weather, a big dog carrying him home by his butt, and countless other indignities experienced by chickens who live long enough.

I went out to feed them this morning, and there was a BIG hole in the A frame chicken tractor, lined with feathers. Hm...quick count, 7 hens, no rooster. I went to get Bill, who looked for tracks, found the carcass. He thinks weasel or raccoon. We set the trap tonight, baited with lamb fat probably.

I'm bummed, he was my favorite rooster. I think he was getting up near 4 or 5 years old. Venerable bird! The other big bummer is that this means that we'll need to get another straight run of birds rather than letting the current hens sit, because the other rooster is from the same brood as all of the hens. Damn.
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see more puppies

It's either that, or this little guy is gonna be in doggy therapy in about two years trying to find his identity.



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