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This morning around 8:30 Bill brought me some tea, and I decided to just stay in bed until it was cool enough to drink. I ended up falling asleep again and having one of those bizarre yet extremely realistic dreams that plague the not-quite-waking mind. I dreamed that Andrew had a wiggly tooth, and he was trying as hard as he could to get it to come out. Then, when he couldn't get it to come out, he broke his jawbone and extracted a piece of that with about four other teeth and presented me with it. (Why these dreams are not bloody, I don't know.) I got upset with him for breaking himself in frustration, took the piece of jawbone and started to look in the fridge for some milk to preserve it in, hollering at Bill that we needed to take Andrew to the dentist right away (Dentist? Not emergency room? ah, dreamland...)but Bill thought that it was just for a tooth because he was engrossed in conversation with [ profile] fjorlief and didn't understand until I showed him the jawbone, which I'd ended up putting in salt water because we were out of milk. Andrew didn't seem to be in any pain, just sullen because I was angry with him for breaking his own face. At that point Bill came in to wake me up again and to tell me that my tea was getting cold.

The funny thing about this dream, and others like it that I have sometimes, is that the personalities of people I know don't change one bit, if anything they are magnified. Andrew breaks things sometimes if he can't figure out how to make them work the way he wants to. (I'm looking at a sand-filled snake with a hole in it. He couldn't find the little hole, so he created a larger one. I told him I could fix it, but not for a few days, and took it away so it wouldn't develop any more "mysterious" or "accidental" leaks.) Bill, as those of you who know him know, is very hard to pry out of the house at times, and he and [ profile] fjorlief do really like to chat.

Up now, and glad for the existence of Earl Grey and cheese on olive toast. Essential Bakery of Seattle makes a wonderful olive sourdough that I will sometimes get if I miss open hours at the Blue Heron Bakery and happen to be at the Food Co-op. This morning's cheese of choice is Beecher's Flagship which doesn't toast in to the bread so well, so I placed it in slices on top of the warm toast and let it soften. Mmmm.

Gearing up for Oregon Country Fair madness. Bill is frantically making as much last minute stock as he has the time and materials for, I've been doing the organizational wrangling. Yesterday's activity was creating a new price list that both he and I can understand; pictures and text are very important to use together! We still need to weigh the heavier silver and bronze items and all of the gold things to determine their prices this year. Last I checked gold was almost $940 a pound, silver was still at $18, and copper (bronze is similar, as it is mostly copper,) is hanging out around $4 a pound. The prices are fluctuating so much within the U.S. dollar that he's taken all of the prices off of his website, to be reassessed each time someone shows interest in a piece of jewelry.

Someone came into the garage recently (within the past few months, but when?) and took some really bizarre things. The small kiln that Bill recently bought, the weedwhacker, and some tools we haven't identified as missing yet, but there are some suspicious holes on shelves. None of the multitude of bicycles were taken, and none of the weird stuff left behind by former roommates, either. Yesterday we noticed that the rolling door had its track bent, like someone had tried to force it in. Time to get a motion-sensing security light, I guess. I asked Bill if there would be a way for it to trip something in the house, too, but he thinks that degree of wiring is beyond our finances; he's probably right. There have been menthol cigarette butts in the driveway, too; Bill thinks they're from our intruder. I really hate that I'm going to have to start locking everything. It's been really nice living in a place where that's not as big of a concern; I mean, I grew up in a place where the "person" setting off the new neighbors' car alarm was a gang of juvenile raccoons! Grrr.

Today I need to stroll down to Blue Heron and talk to one of the baristas about watering the garden and feeding the chickie birds while we're all away at the Fair. She's one of those people that I dearly want to cultivate a friendship with because she's so sweet, and she agreed to come and care for the place for a couple of days. Bill and I leave Tuesday, Cathy will come down with Andrew on Thursday and leave Saturday morning because she doesn't like the big crowds, and it's pretty overstimulating for the kiddo. She may or may not bring our friend, Jean, we'll see. That leaves the garden, chickens and cat unattended for two days, which is long enough to need outside assistance.

I think the next bit of organizational wrangling will be "Bill, where are we going to stay Tuesday night?"

I needs mo' tea.


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