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Dionysus (Wine)

22% Self versus Society and 74% Physical versus Mental

Dionysus, god of wine, is the youngest of the Olympians. Apart from Aphrodite, he's also probably the most sensual and physical. What he offers is hedonistic and fun, although he's neutral on the physical/mental continuum. Where Dionysus goes, the party follows so he's naturally loved. In addition to wine and revelry, he's also the patron god of the early Greek theater, so we can assume that he also knows a lot of movie stars.

Pray to Dionysus that your life may be as much fun as possible.

Dunno about the party following, though...

Hedonism? A-OK.
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Your result for The What Greek God Are You Test...

The What Greek God Are You Test

You are most like the God Dionysis!
Dionysis is the god of wine, intoxication and creative ecstacy. In short, a party god! He was often having drunken orgies with both men and women, as well as with helpless maidens his centaurs would carry off for him.
he had a large following of women who had fallen into a frenzy or "mania". These women were taken by a madness that compelled them to run around in a craze and often times become violent. Many of these frenzied outbursts had a strong sexual content.
Just don't forget while having all this fun that there is more to life than getting off!

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