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Today I planned to have a peaceful day at home by myself. I'd already been considering going on a leisurely bike ride to check out the new portion of the McLane bike trail that has recently been paved at the top of Mud Bay Hill, but yesterday a friend of mine who runs a neighborhood popsicle and juice stand (think "like a lemonade stand but ten times better,") out in front of her house asked if I was going to be coming to said popsicle/juice bar today. When I said I hadn't been planning on it, she informed me that a neighbor of hers has a burgeoning fig tree that is in need of someone to come and give some figs a home. Since she knows that Cathy makes The Best Fig Jam In The World, she thought I might want to be one of those offering figgy homeness.
I'll be going up the hill shortly with empty panniers.
Y'see, this Best Fig Jam makes no lofty claims, it is the truth! She simmers figs with thin slices of Meyer lemon and a vanilla bean until everything is kind of pink, gooey and fragrant. Between the figs and the lemons, not much pectin, if any, need be added. Each little jar gets at least one slice of lemon, maybe more, so it's a little marmalade-y. I'd eat it plain, but it is probably the best toast amendment, ever.
Since I'm going to the popsicle/juice bar anyhow, I should scrounge up a couple of dollars for a popsicle. Past flavors I have enjoyed have included: apple-fennel, coconut-lemon, watermelon, and canteloupe-lime. She usually has between a dozen and twenty different flavors, mostly made with juice that she makes herself with her juicer. Not bad incentive to go riding, even if I hadn't been planning an excursion.
Hopefully I'll come home with copious amounts of figs. Mmmmm.


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