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So I tried ordering a netbook cover made of neoprene from Belkin. It's the wrong size, and the right size isn't available in the states.
I'm still annoyed with Amazon, and none of the others I have been able to find on other websites are either A: not what I want because they load the computer in from the side, or B: not a nice color, or C: waaaay too expensive.

Epiphany: Duh. I can knit one.

String solves many problems.
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Yup. It's officially week 1 of Spring Quarter.

I'm on the 4th pint of beer. It's 1:11 in the morning. I've finished the two assignments that are due 1st thing in the morning, but not some of the things that I was supposed to have finished last quarter or over spring break. Bah.

I'll be finishing this beer 'n' goin' to bed shortly.

On the bright side, I'm almoooooost done with my U-Neck Vest.



Dec. 14th, 2008 01:06 pm
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It's pretty outside, and I'm inside with warm tea. :)

Cathy made banana bread, of which I had several slices for breakfast...or lunch, 'cause I slept in disgustingly late.

I heard one of the chickens making an egg just before I got out of bed. Silly birds, don't you know it's cold and dark?

I finished a pair of socks on Friday, I'm waiting a little impatiently for them to dry. I'm wearing two pair I made right now, one knee high and one ankle high pair. With the silk long-johns I'm feeling very cozy.

I started making a pair of gloves for Bill, like these that I made for Josh and Marie, but without the ring motif, of course. (I don't know if you can see them if you're not on Ravelry, if not I'll put the picture in another LJ post.) Bill's will be a kind of oatmeal/burlap color. I like the Knit Picks Telemark yarn for these gloves, it's really springy and tough without being too harsh to wear.

I finished organizing my yarn stash yesterday, it took all day. I still need to do my book reorganization and deal with the drifts of paper from fall quarter, but I do have a sense of accomplishment about the yarn stash. I wrote down everything I have as I put it away, so I've been putting that into the Ravelry database in an attempt to keep track of what I've got for various projects. For instance, I think I have enough of the hemp/wool blend to make a very nice stripy vest, and I'd almost completely forgotten about that yarn's existence.
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Ran across these websites through a StumbleUpon link that [ profile] cerulean_fleur sent to me.
The link that I was sent
The different groups:
Holy crap, a whole gas station!
KnitSea: Click on the map next to her blog for pictures of her work by location

Also, I just finished reading a book by James Gee, on the subject of video game learning theory. Check out the man himself giving a synopsis of his findings.
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I know this because I have managed to complete one whole glove in one whole day, basically.  Yesterday the glove for pair #1 of wedding present set #1 looked like this:

I started it yesterday afternoon.  Today after supper I finished it to this:

I worked on it for a while at work while stuck behind the cash register, but I'd finished it to the first three fingers as of last night.  Again, for the record?  My new boss sucks to a degree that I have only just begun to be able to describe.  I'm seriously thinking of finding a different job, maybe I'll go back to being a substitute teacher's aide one day a week while I'm in the master's program, I dunno.  I feel badly for even considering it because I would be bailing on all of the folks who work there as permanent staff who wouldn't be able to bail, or toss the mofo out on his tailbone either, since they just hired him.  All the warning signs are there that I really ought to consider another option.  Today after lunch, at the point that I was getting really annoyed, the headache, acid tummy and twitchy eyelid that I haven't really had to deal with since I worked at that horrible preschool (and once or twice during a certain class which I shan't relive,) all set in at once.  I started to put away the new shipment of snack food, slowly, because my head hurt, and I hear "Why is Jen just standing around?  Shouldn't T be doing something?  Someone needs to put away all this food!" directed at my immediate supervisor.  I then stopped what I was doing and stood there holding a box of rice chips for a couple of seconds trying to think of what to say.  I looked over at the other student employee in question, who rolled her eyes at me and continued folding and stacking clothing, as she had been doing all along.  I weighed my options, picked "fume and seethe but say nothing" and went back to putting away the bijillion boxes of snack food.  It pissed me off pretty much for the rest of the day.  I'm terrible at thinking of  the proper thing to say in the moment, so I'll often choose to not say anything at all because I get so flustered.  If I quit, though, I think I'm going to have to spend some time rehearsing what I'm going to say to him, because I want him to be fully cognizant of the fact that HE is the direct reason that the bookstore is losing one of their most experienced employees, and I kind of want him to feel really badly about it.  I have a mild notion that if he realizes that he's being such a colossal asshole that he might make an effort to be less of an asshole.  This is, of course, a pipe dream.

Earlier this week [personal profile] young_raven sent me a very sweet cheer-me-up prezzy.  It totally worked, by the way. 
   Behold the cute horsie fuzziness!

This is getting pretty picture intensive, so if you'd like to change to the cooking channel now, click the cut tag below. 

 That seems sufficient for now. 
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I've been obsessively documenting a couple of culinary ventures, which I will share with y'all once I get the pictures uploaded.

I've also been (somewhat) obsessively working on a wedding present for one set of friends, (nice, matching gloves) and will be rolling right on into a wedding present for another friend whose sweetie I haven't yet met (socks durable enough to withstand whatever trekking she does around India, again, a matched set of pairs,) and then I can get back to socks for me and Bill, and Cathy's sweater. Good golly! It's a good thing classes will start soon so I can go back to knitting to stay awake during lectures.

Now I believe it is time to mosey to the bakery for some coffee and pastries. Bill has been cleaning the house today; I've been knitting and trying to stay out of the way with the occasional "hey, that doesn't go there, I left that out so I wouldn't forget it...!" My computer closet is getting mighty full of crap. I must needs do something about it. Later.
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I've somewhat resisted the idea of posting on a weblog for a while now, but my current infatuation with seems to be swaying me toward more time at the electric hearth, as well as the renewed vigor with which I have begun tackling a new and challenging knitting project. Cathy has an old, yucky, polyester and polar fleece jacket that I have decided must be replaced by a nice, new, wool, knitted-by-me sweater. Cables! Hoody! Sleeves and a body! (My previous most complicated endeavor was the knitted ammonite, prior to that, glovey mittens, and a metric shitload of socks.)

I've just attended my first graduation ceremony and have come away with a sunburn and a BA. Also, Bill made me a cool copper mortarboard that turned my forehead green on top of the sunburn. Super sexy. I'm doing the Master in Teaching program next year, and am currently playing the paperwork game. (Yes, I *have* graduated. Yes, I *do* in fact want you to give me financial aid. No, I *don't* know when my teachers will finish my final evaluations...)

I participated in the annual Mud Run insofar that I plunged into the mud, but I did not in fact make it all the way across. Beautifully decked out as I was in my duct tape, shoes, goggles and green latex swim cap, I still managed to find a hidden hole in the mud and was sucked in up to my tender girly parts. My wonderful housemate, who was also graduating, stopped on the return leg of the race with a couple of other folks and hauled me out with a schlorpf and a plop, and then he went on to win the race anyhow. I still owe him a beer for that one. I'm a bit amused by the fact that I have hickeys from the mud all up and down my legs. There was nothing in the mud to bruise me, (that's why it was so hollow, after all,) it's all from suction. I've never been so glad to get a shower from a cold hose.

Aaaaand, I have given myself a lovely new tattoo as a present for making it through all of that school: I now have a crow in flight on my left wrist. I'm going to need to get it touched up a bit, as I managed to catch it on something at a crucial stage while healing, and it currently has a very faint, hooded crow sort of marking.

Also, thanks to young_raven for reminding me that I do in fact have a livejournal page.


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