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I want a cookie, come to think of it.

And anodder good lolcat that resembles my morning not at all...

'cause I couldn't get Andrew's little brother to stop whining about his breakfast!
Andrew left this morning with his mom and brother. I'm still sad about it, and work completely sucked today, so I'm going to post a bunch of stuff I am interested in rather than talking about it right now. Suffice it to say that Andrew is a wonderful child and the bestest nephew, and his little brother is the biggest whiner I've met in a long time, perhaps ever, and my new boss has passed the grace period of "figuring things out" by failing to figure anything out, and has now passed into the period of "annoying the hell out of me", so on to the rest of the fluff already.

Did you know that Orwell is going to have a blog soon? In honor of the 70th anniversary of his diaries (not sure if that's published, or begun,) they'll be published once a day "in real time" here. Last night on As It Happens I heard his son, Richard Blair, reading a passage from one of his diaries where he was complaining about the quality of the produce in one of the cities he visited.

Also, for your viewing enjoyment, flying squirrel people: #1, #2, and #3.

Also, if you haven't seen Strandbeest, you totally should.


Jul. 8th, 2008 12:09 am
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Last minute everything getting ready to leave for the Country Fair tomorrow. Bill is stressed, I am tired. I have just finished force-feeding the bloody damned printer with which I am not on cordial terms each piece of business card paper, (hisssssssss...we hates the printer, hates it Precious!) This printer and I have a lasting poor relationship dating to a couple of years ago when trying to force it to print my final paper about autism and ADHD. It is NOT too much to ask for it to print and collate a 70 page paper on double-sided sheets. Really, it isn't. It sits smugly and stares at me; it knows I can't do anything about it. But, when I asked Bill if he had any business cards printed, and he gave me the not-ready-for-the-event-face-of-woe, I decided that me and the printer could rumble.

It mostly worked. I have a pile of business cards printed and ready to be cut. Of course, they'll have to be cut one at a time because the stupid damn printer can't possibly print text STRAIGHT on a page, oh no, it has to be the rebel and print them all at odd angles.

Today was interesting anyway. Normal day at work, I hid in the basement doing shipping and receiving stuff, which is delightful because I really dislike doing customer service even though I'm quite good at it. Let it suffice to say that when my face is saying that I'm happy to help someone, it is sometimes not telling the truth.

Cathy and I took Andrew (the nephew) out to Value Village. I realized yesterday that I have about a dozen pants and skirts, and not more than two suitable tops to wear to the Fair. I gave some of the linen pants to Bill because he had an inverse clothing situation. The kid, also, needed some screamingly bright shirts to make him easier to track. Andrew was remarkably patient while us grownups tried things on. We then went to Vic's Pizzeria for some take-home pizza. There in the parking lot, the key got stuck in the driver's side door lock, and would NOT budge! Andrew and I went inside to order while Cathy tried to loosen the key. No luck, she came in and called AAA, who put her on hold and hung up on her. I worked on it for a while, no avail. I even went so far as to flag down an Oly cop, (not usually a course of action I would choose,) who jiggled it with the slim jim but also, nothing. Finally, the locksmith, that it turned out that AAA had in fact called before hanging up on Cathy, arrived, and had the door open within 5 minutes and the key freed from the lock mechanism within an half hour. The whole time, I'd been feeding the kiddo pieces of the cheese pizza I'd gotten for him in case sundried tomatoes, peppers and feta were a little too much for him. I'm glad I went the easy route, because I can't imagine having the picky kid argument in the middle of trying to listen to what the locksmith had to say. Apparently this is normal for my kind of car (VW beetle, newer,) and is just a malfunction of the security system in the door. The locksmith will call tomorrow with a mechanism replacement estimate, and an estimate for a second key. (brilliant idea!)

Got the kid home, he declined a slice of the grownups' pizza, brushed his teeth and listened to me read the last bit of the first chapter of The Hobbit. I'm hoping to get the whole thing read to him while he's here; we'll see. He would much rather watch Invader Zim, which admittedly is fun, but he gets plenty of TV at home.

Back to laundry now that printer wrangling is done.
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Yesterday I started to teach Andrew how to spin yarn. He's terribly interested in Bill's spinning wheel, but has been told that he has to go through hand spinning and using a drop spindle before he is allowed to use the wheel. He's Bill's kin all right, started to pick it up quick as you please, but then instead of moderating himself and making sure he had it, he got overambitious and tried to spin a piece that I think was 7 ft long, by hand, before making any more short two-plies. He's terribly hard on himself when he doesn't grasp something immediately, it makes him afraid to try to learn new things, and I find it a very frustrating personality trait to deal with. He's nine, though, and I can deal with that with more patience than I can generally muster for adults who haven't learned past that kind of stumbling block.
He's got a really quick mind, for spatial and mathematical things. It didn't take him long to figure out that plying is really multiplying, and today he came to me and showed me a very short 16-ply piece and explained to me how he got it. (It was a piece he'd done with help yesterday, plied more.) Partly to get him out of the middle of the kitchen, and partly to encourage him to not leave the spinning idea by the wayside just because it's hard, I suggested that he go practice making short two-ply yarns while I made supper. He made one, very even, and about 2 feet long. Still ambitious, but now he's getting the muscle memory.
His vocabulary is really interesting. He doesn't have a sturdy grasp on most nouns, though all other parts of speech he both uses and picks up on in conversation, more or less independently from the nouns to which they refer. He learned the word "nocturnal" earlier today from Bill, and used it in a conversation about snakes at the dinner table. I really hope he remembers "potential kinetic energy" from the bike ride home from the co-op.

Having the kid around is really good for me, exercise-wise. Normally I'll come home from work and put the bike away. Today I decided I'd come home, hook up the Trail-A-Bike and pedal up to the Olympia Food Co-op. That's approximately 3.75 miles, mostly uphill. He did pretty well, and I kept thinking, "well damn, if I did this 2, 3 times a week, I'd be in much better shape again!"

I was extremely pleased tonight, also, because Andrew decided that he wanted to try the mild version of the salsa that I usually eat. He dolloped a fair amount onto his burrito, and proclaimed it, mouth full, to be "rmmrry guudh!" It'll be another thing that wigs out his little brother: a bonus.

Shower for me, it's been hot.
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Well, Cathy and I went up to SeaTac (a horrible collision of names,) and retrieved the nephew, whom we will have on loan for about a month before having to return him to his rightful parent. He glommed onto me as soon as he got off of the walkway, and I carried him for a ways through the airport. His mom is right, he hasn't really grown that much since last year. Hopefully the combination of him no longer having to be on the EVIL mood and appetite suppressing meds and us having the kind of food he likes to eat will result in a growth spurt and some weight gain before we send him on home. Poor guy is picky; there are a few foods he really doesn't like at all, like tomatoes (I don't get that one, apparently it's a texture thing,) and the rest of it, he doesn't like poor quality food. At home, he won't eat the eggs; they're the insipid, flat kind that come from the store. Here, he practically won't eat anything without eggs, in fact I fed him tamago rolls for supper and he was ecstatic. I quote, "at Missouri they don't know how to do these right, they put bread on the outside!!!" Bread on tamago? That's weird. I've seen it as described in the link above, and the way I make it, which is to roll it around a sheet of nori so that it makes a spiral when cut.He felt so strongly about it that he was practically in tears about the wrongness of it all. I think that was also due to relief that I was doing it right, and that he was at that point working on minimal sleep and jetlag.

You see, he was super excited to be coming, apparently he woke his mom at 6:00 am (Central time) by bouncing on her bed and crowing "I get to go to Uncle Bill's todayyyyyyy!!!" His plane arrived at 9:00 pm Pacific time and he was still super amped. He crashed out pretty hard in the car on the way home (gladly, we did not crash, despite the best efforts of drivers who suddenly braked to a halt in front of us, and the one who almost side-swiped the car in front of us, as well...)but when I woke him up to come inside he regained the level of energy that only an exhausted, excited kid can attain. Once fed the aforementioned tamago and a couple of slices of melon, he chilled out with the cat for a while and finally consented to be tucked in. I expect that he'll sleep in, but not as much as I want him to!

I'm pretty excited that he's here, too. I love children, and a chance to have one, especially one like Andrew, around the house for extended periods of time makes me really happy.

Damnity damn. Just spilled the last sip of marionberry ale on my shirt. That usually only happens with water or tea, I must be pretty tired, too.

Anyhow, this looked like fun, so I did the book list.

(Lifted from [personal profile] young_raven )

Bold those you have read.
Italicize those you intend to read.
Underline the books you LOVE.
Strike out the books you have no intention of ever reading, or were forced to read at school and hated.

Booklies! )


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