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I ran across some of the language arts songs (Based on poems by Poe, one was The Pit and the Pendulum, the other The Flask of Amontillado) and thought that was pretty cool, showed one of them to Chimere today. I searched for "flocabulary" in Google and got their whole website, which is amazing! I'm listening to "MLK Rap" on the social studies section of the site right now, and, well, listen for yourselves.

Here is the main website. I'm bookmarking this one as a resource for sure.

I have [ profile] ceruleanfleur to thank for the link to The Pit and the Pendulum!
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Not sure how I feel about this...
(swiped from [ profile] aelfgyfu's page.)

Your result for The Which Shakespeare Play Are You? Test...


You scored 49% = Tragic, 34% = Comic, 30% = Romantic, 40% = Historic

You are Macbeth! A supposed retelling of the true story of King Macbeth of Scotland, Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's bloodiest plays. Macbeth, after hearing the prophesy of three witches, believes he will be named king of Scotland. However, this line of thinking eventually leads Macbeth down a horrible road of blood and death as he fights first to gain, and then to keep hold of the crown. Believing the play to be cursed, many actors will not even say the name of the play inside of a theater unless it is being performed and refer to it simply as "The Scottish Play". But you probably don't care about some stupid old curse. As Macbeth you most likely don't take warnings too well and you are so headstrong that you can't take good advice when it comes your way, even if it is for your own good. But being Macbeth isn't all bad. You are most likely a man (or woman) of action. People probably like you because you are good at thinking on your feet and making quick decisions. But be careful, as your rash behavior may also get you in to trouble along the way.

Take The Which Shakespeare Play Are You? Test
at HelloQuizzy


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