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Yup. It's officially week 1 of Spring Quarter.

I'm on the 4th pint of beer. It's 1:11 in the morning. I've finished the two assignments that are due 1st thing in the morning, but not some of the things that I was supposed to have finished last quarter or over spring break. Bah.

I'll be finishing this beer 'n' goin' to bed shortly.

On the bright side, I'm almoooooost done with my U-Neck Vest.

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Went to The Olympic Club tonight with Bill and Cathy to see The Blackberry Bushes play. Was nice. I had fish and chips; fish was a tad soggy but good, chips were nicely crisped. Good stout on nitro. Great music, and an adorable two-year-old that someone had sneaked into the pub to hear the band dancing on the tiny patch of floor in front of the stage that was just the right size for a toddler dance floor. Got several rows of knitting done on Marie's right glove; Josh's are both finished. The heathered garnet colored yarn is scrummy, and I'm really glad I got extra skeins.
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So, I'm still planning on going down to Portland this weekend for the Tour de Fat even though it sounds like the weather will be hotter than I really ever like it to be. My friend Forrest, who was going to go to the event with me, has to work, which is a super drag. So, if anyone in Portland enjoys biking, or beer, or preferably both, I'd love the company.
I'll be staying at [ profile] fjorlief's house while I'm down, but she has to work.

I adorned my helmet and my bike with pretty ribbons today. The helmet is now my party hat. I'm determined to have fun, 'cause it's my birthday, damnit.


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